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I can help you with your infrastructure and site reliability engineering or DevOps needs, whether you're just getting started and want to get your app into the cloud, or if you already have a running service and want to increase its stability or harden its security.

Your Infrastructure, As Code

Infrastructure as Code makes your infrastructure consistently repeatable and deployable, while making modifications easy and testable.

System Health Monitoring

You want your system to be healthy. When something does go wrong, you want to find out before your customers do.

Automated Deployments

Automating your deployments allows you to deploy efficiently, while producing consistent results that reduce errors.

Access Policies

Well designed access policies allow your team to get their jobs done, while reducing the blast radius in the event of a breach.

About Me

Jamie Starke

DevOps Engineer

  • Experience supporting small and enterprise organizations
  • Deploying and managing linux servers since 2004 and since 2014 professionally
  • Experience with AWS Since 2014, including:
    • Created an efficient infrastructure for microservices, using a shared ECS Cluster and a shared Application Load Balancer where the underlying cluster can be upgraded without causing downtime for the services.
    • Developed an automated deployment pipeline using CloudFormation and CodePipeline, which staged provisioning of infrastructure through different environments isolated in separate AWS Accounts. This ensured consistent deployments and accurate testability, as well as reduced the potential for human error.
    • Devised and implemented a set of roles that could be used by teams with a Multi-Factor Authentication device, to give short term escalated privileges to AWS resources, while reducing the privileges and blast radius in the case of a breach.
    • Created a lightweight tool to provide teams access to AWS Authentication information, using CloudTrail logs, SNS, Lambda and Slack to make debugging IAM Privileges and working towards Least Privilege easier.
  • Experience with Docker since 2015, including:
    • Generated custom images, including custom Entrypoints to dynamically configure the image at start time.
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform (since 2015) and CloudFormation (since 2016), including:
    • Constructed modularized Infrastructure as Code configurations so that they can be easily reused between environments, to ensure consistency and testability.

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